Tooth extraction specialist Atlanta, Ga.Here at Tooth Extraction Atlanta we are taking a glimpse into the fascinating history of tooth extractions takes us back to the first recorded tooth extraction (using anesthesia) in the early nineteenth century.

Tooth extraction in the United States

On September 30, 1846, William Thomas Green Morton was the first American dentist to perform a “painless” tooth extraction in which he used ether as an anesthesia agent. He completed this procedure on a patient named, Eben Frost, in his Boston, Massachusetts’ dental office.

Then, a few days later, on October 16, 1846, Morton was the first to publicly demonstrate the use of ether anesthesia on patients at the Massachusetts General Hospital. This public exhibition spurred the publicity of the first tooth extraction he completed just a few days earlier.

Even though most people credit Morton for the first tooth extraction, some say that, in 1844, American dentist Horace Wells was the first to perform a tooth extraction in Connecticut. He used nitrous oxide anesthesia instead of ether anesthesia as Morton had used.

Unlike Morton’s successful public demonstration, Wells’ demonstration was considered a failure because his patient experienced pain during the procedure!

Contradictory stories still prevail, however!

Even on the other side of the world in the United Kingdom, dentist James Robinson executed the first tooth extraction in 1846!

Advancements in tooth extraction tools

Strides in gentle tooth extraction techniques, tools, and knowledge have taken place since the nineteenth century tooth extractions.

For instance, it is quite interesting how tooth extraction tools have advanced over the centuries. Some dental extractions even date back to the 14th century when Guy de Chauliac created the dental pelican for removing teeth; this was followed by the dental key tooth extraction tool, and then the forceps discovered in the 20th century.

Forceps are still used in dental offices around the world for tooth extractions. In fact, modern advances in forceps technology make it possible for less painful tooth extractions.

Such is the Golden-Misch Physics Forceps, used by the Atlanta Dental Spa, which capitalizes on physics and gravitational forces to create a quick and easy tooth extraction procedure.

Thanks to dentistry advancements, today’s dental patients can experience less painful tooth extractions compared to experiences from the earlier centuries!

If you live in or around Atlanta, and are in need of a gentle tooth extraction from award-winning dental experts, then contact us today!

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